Andrew Pelnar – Business & Life Coach

As a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Pelnar decided to start the Business Development division of AP Solutions to help people realize the dream of one day owning their own business, as well as helping existing businesses get a new look or approach to take them to the next level of success.

Andrew’s first business, Aerodef Productions, was a highly successful wedding videography company. After running the business for 10 years, winning multiple awards, and filming hundreds of weddings, he decided to sell the business to his lead videographer.  Andrew’s been helping people get their businesses started, coaching them in social media, and designing their websites for years. It was an easy decision to start AP Solutions. Andrew is now a Certified Business Coach and is getting certifications in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Financial Coaching.

Andrew loves to help people succeed both in business and in life. The Personal Development division stemmed from Andrew’s appreciation for Dave Ramsey’s business. From Dave’s 7 Baby Steps and Financial Coaching to helping many other people learn creative problem solving skills, Andrew found his passion. He is currently active in Dave’s Baby Step program and sees how well they work and how common sense they are. Life Coaching plays a big role in the Financial Coaching process. Many people struggle with personal issues that lead to financial issues. Sometimes it’s a matter of being unorganized, but sometimes it goes much deeper. Andrew is determined to get people on the right track.

In the upcoming months, Andrew will become a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach. With the Life Coaching Certification already under his belt, Andrew will be well equipped to help in many situations.  Andrew has a heart of a teacher and can also lead many classes to help small or large groups succeed in different areas.